Why Wenger should not Sell Sanchez to Manchester United

Everything began on a bright day in North London the previous summer when Alexis Sanchez made his intentions known to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger that he won’t sign another deal with his agreement terminating this summer. Wenger declined to sell however last summer, trusting that he could persuade him to sign, yet it now resembles an act of futility and it is inescapable that Sanchez will leave Arsenal this transfer window. Though Wenger has an option of keeping the player for the last six months of his deal, he believes it won’t be a smart thought to keep him for that period and lose him for nothing in the summer when they can really stash up to 15-20 million pounds on the off chance that they sell him this window. As much as it will be to everybody’s greatest advantage to give Sanchez a chance to leave, It will be a gouge at Wenger’s now floundering heritage at Arsenal should he pitch Sanchez to Manchester United.

In pitching Sanchez to Manchester United (their arch rivals) Wenger will fortify a direct rival for a top-four place and in this way debilitating their own odds for the spots. It will likewise say a great deal in regards to Wenger as a man, since when he sold Robin Van Persie to Manchester United in 2013 Wenger said in his words “he will never sell a player to their opponents any longer” however in the event that he endorses the selling of Sanchez to United he will be painted as a liar and furthermore as a manager who does not have the guts to take some tough decisions like this without minding the consequences. In fairness to Wenger he would have wanted to sell Sanchez to Premier league leaders Manchester City but with Manchester City pulling out of the arrangement because of the way that Sanchez has been enticed by United’s offer since they are putting forth more cash.

However, that doesn’t mean Wenger should be willing to make a deal with United in light of the fact that not exclusively will it Strengthen United in their quest for a top-four place and debilitate Arsenal’s chances it will likewise put a stain on Wenger’s legacy at Arsenal. In this manner, it will be to Arsenal’s greatest advantage for them not to sell to Manchester United and keep him for the last six months of his agreement despite the fact that it implies they will lose him for nothing in the summer.

However, they get the chance to keep him to enable them to push for their already wavering top four spots. Sanchez has indicated so far he wouldn’t sulk or decline to play so Arsenal doesn’t have to stress over his state of mind. So it his chance for Wenger to take some strong decisions by declining to sell Sanchez to United and furthermore to his adversary in Mourinho. In spite of the fact that it will definitely be a tough choice since they have the possibility of getting no less than 15 million pounds on him in the event that they choose to sell him this window. However, in football, there are a few things greater than cash and if Wenger can act difficult this time around by declining to sell who knows whether he (Sanchez) can help the team finish in the top four. It’s time to act Mr Wenger


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