The year 2017 in tennis will always be recognized as the year Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal moved back the years to have a standout amongst other years of their careers. However there are likewise some other success stories which might not have stood out as truly newsworthy like that of those two greats yet has made fans and intellectuals to state the baton might change bit by bit and we could have another grand slam champ in 2018.

Of all the potential first time grand slam champ one specific man who rings a bell is Grigor Dimitrov nicknamed (baby Fed) in spite of the fact that he has said he doesn’t like the moniker and needs to be known for his own character however yet you can at present observe likenesses between his style and that of Roger Federer. While you cannot question Dimitrov’s ability he has always flattered to deceive and has failed to unlock potentials individuals found in him throughout the years until in 2017 where he indicated he has what it takes to challenge for the huge titles.

He started the year by winning the title in Brisbane and furthermore reaching the semifinals of the Australian open where he took Nadal to five sets additionally won his home title in Sofia. One of the challenges for Dimitrov’s is failure to remain consistent throughout the years however he has demonstrated to it this year that he is prepared to change that. In this year which is his greatest year on tour where he won his first masters title in Cincinnati, won the world tour finals on his debut and ended the year in the top three. He can dare to dream that this is the start of incredible things to come and possibly go above and beyond by winning his first grand slam title. You can however make sure as a fan that when the tour begins in 2018 he will be among the top picks for the huge titles.

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